Important information

Sadly the bus operator Brijan has ceased trading.  This local company have served the community well for over 25 years.  The company works alongside Hampshire Transport in providing the bus services for children in our catchment area as well as the service we use for school trips.

I have been in contact with Hampshire Transport over the school holiday and they have assured me that they have secured transport with the following approved operators.

Beeline Travel Ltd – Meonstoke – Exton route (The Beeline coach is a larger coach and therefore the driver will need support from our parents in the Bucks Head carpark to enable the driver to turn the vehicle around as per normal).

Victory Travel – Newtown route.

Bus passes have been sent to Meonstoke – Exton route parents and Newtown passes will be sent out this week.

Any queries please contact Hampshire Transport directly – 01962 845632

Enrichment tasks

If you are at a loss with the weather perhaps an enrichment task may help


Matthew Dampier



Headteacher’s welcome

It is with pride and pleasure that I welcome you to Droxford Junior School via our website.  This site is designed for all parents to gather what information you need to support your child’s learning experience at this fantastic school!  If you need to speak to someone, our knowledgeable and friendly office staff are always at hand for support and advice if you require it.

Personally I am delighted to be the new headteacher of the school, after originally being the deputy here for seven years.  I now have a new deputy, Miss Sarah Jacobs, who has also been teaching at Droxford Junior School for three years and has leadership experience in other settings.  Together we have the knowledge and understanding of this unique school coupled with our leadership experience and strong governor and local authority support, to move Droxford forward in a new and exciting direction.  We also retain a mix of new and experienced teaching staff whose sole, moral purpose is to motivate and inspire!

By way of an introduction Droxford Junior School has a ‘village school’ ethos with a constantly evolving, contemporary curriculum for learning. The children work hard to be both successful and confident learners. Enthusiastic and experienced staff are fully committed to work in partnership with our parents to offer a powerful blend of support and challenge. The proactive governors take a genuine interest in ensuring the children benefit from a high quality learning environment in which they feel safe, happy and motivated.  We work closely with our two feeder infant schools to aid smooth transition for your children from KS1 to KS2.  We then collaborate closely with Swanmore College and other secondary schools as children leave our school as successful, well-rounded and happy individuals.

We also have a set of strong ‘core values’ which underpin all that we do and we take pride in inspiring our children to make good or better progress. I personally feel very privileged in sharing the learning experience and in leading such a great team!  If you would like to see us in action please contact the school office. There are regular open days and induction events but individual visits can also be made.

Together we can make Droxford Junior School outstanding for your child.

Matthew Dampier




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